Germany right next door

Take a look across the border

Het Wieskamp is only a few kilometres from the German border and the beautiful Münsterland region immediately across the border, which is famous for its castles, ancient towns and large shopping centres. Het Wieskamp is the perfect place from which to visit this part of Germany.

Just 10 kilometres away is the German town of Vreden, which was built in the ninth century and has a very old church at its centre.

If you enjoy shopping, the best places to head for are Bocholt (30 minutes by car) and Centro Oberhausen (an hour by car).

From Winterswijk, the city of Münster is also within easy reach. Just a an hour's drive from Het Wieskamp, this beautiful city is well worth visiting.

If you want to go cycling, we highly recommend the hamlet of Zwillbrock in Vreden, a picturesque rural area on the German side of the border with fabulous cycling routes. But what makes this area really unique is that it hosts the largest population of black-headed gulls in Germany and a flock of wild flamingos that is the northernmost nesting colony of flamingos in the world. The best months to see the flamingos are March to July.

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