Landleven Life Chalet

Fully wheelchair accessible

Our Landleven Life Chalet offers comfortable and affordable accommodation for guests who have difficulty walking and those who are dependent on a wheelchair. This chalet is fully wheelchair accessible The raised terrace (accessed by a ramp) makes it easy to enter the chalet. There is a specially adapted wheelchair-accessible shower with a shower chair and a toilet. All of the doors in the chalet are sliding doors and there is plenty of room to manoeuvre the wheelchair inside the chalet. There is a large bedroom with room to manoeuvre the wheelchair around the bed and a wheelchair-accessible bedroom for other members of the family. To ensure that there is enough room for the wheelchair in this bedroom, one of the beds is high and the other is low. The kitchen is also specially adapted, so there is enough room for a wheelchair to fit under the worktop.

This four-person chalet measures approximately 35 square metres and hascentral heating, a dishwasher, and a TV with a DVD player.

Watch the film about the wheelchair accessible chalet: