Camping fields at our park

At Het Wieskamp we have four camping fields

The De Esch Field

An 'es' is an elevation in the landscape that is one of the characteristic features of the Winterswijk region. These elevated areas built up around the farms that once dotted the region. From an archaeological point of view these elevated areas of land are very valuable and often contain important finds. We use the old spelling 'Esch', because at Het Wieskamp we aim to combine the traditional old-fashioned hospitality that the Achterhoek region is famous for with all of the latest facilities.

The De Esch Field covers an area of approximately 1,000 square metres and has six pitches. Each pitch has its own private sanitary facilities. The field is sheltered by tall vegetation and trees and is bordered on the north by a stream known as the Ratumse Beek. The De Ravenhorst Field is to the west. The other ends of the field lead into the rest of the park. The natural screen created by the trees gives the field its own unique character. Here you can always find peace and quiet - even in the summer. The field is suitable for camper vans, caravans and tents. It doesn't get boggy in bad weather, so it is also a wonderful place to camp in the early and late low seasons.

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The De Ravenhorst Field

De Ravenhorst Manor was a medieval castle that served as the residence of the knights of the Van Rhemen family. It came into the family's possession in the 12th century. At the beginning of the 16th century the building burnt to the ground during the war that was then being waged. In 1712 the reconstructed residence and 14 farms on the estate were acquired by Scholte Hesselink. It is thought that the castle was demolished at around that time. This lovely camping field is named after the castle because it wasn't far from Het Wieskamp.

The De Ravenhorst Field was set up next to the De Esch Field in 2014. It is spaciously laid out and has six camping pitches with private sanitary facilities. The north end of the field is bordered by a stream known as the Ratumse Beek. The stream is fenced off so children don't have direct access to it. This field gets the sun morning and evening. On the south side of the field there are mature beech trees and between the stream and the field there are tall bushes and trees. The pitches in the field all have plenty of space. Next to the field there is a passage that leads to an area of woodland behind the park known as the Waliense Bos. This is a wonderful place to camp. In this field there are also luxurious Woodlodge Tents that you can rent.

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The Het Waliën Field

Het Waliën was an estate that had a manor house until the beginning of the 20th century. In 1908 a fire started by an oil lamp burnt the house to the ground. The estate was sold off in parts and ceased to exist, but it is still possible to see remnants of the estate. The forest behind the park once belonged to the estate. We named this field after the estate as a tribute to the long and turbulent history of the region.

The layout of the Het Waliën Field is very spacious with room for 20 camping pitches and 2 camper van pitches. The field covers an area of more than 3,500 square metres so you will find that there is plenty of space for your tent, camper van or caravan. The field is divided into two parts with 10 pitches in each. And of course all of the pitches have their own private sanitary facilities. The camper van pitches around the entrance to the field also have their own private sanitary facilities. Parts of the camper van pitches are paved to make it easier to drive in and out whatever the weather.

The Het Waliën Field is a sunny field. To the east and south tall vegetation provides shelter and separates the field from the rest of the park. The other ends of the field are bordered by a meadow, and a walking park that repeats the themes of the national park. From there you get a fabulous view of the surrounding landscape as far as the Dottinkrade forest, which is a Natuurmonumenten nature reserve. The field is near   (but not close enough to hear) the central facilities at Het Wieskamp, such as the indoor playground, the swimming pool and the restaurant.

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